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Our servers are hosted in a well-known international datacenter in Los Angeles. This same building houses some of the most well-known global telecommunications giants. The building is fully secure, has redundant back up power and is connected to the Internet as few places are. There are multiple gigabit connections to upstream providers to ensure rock solid network stability and capacity.

Those interested in the more technical aspects of our facility, will be interested in what follows

servers in our datacenter
Our network core is comprised of two cisco 6509 switches. These switches are fully redundant and running iBGP and HSRP. If one fails, the other one takes on the full load of the network. We have multiple gigE fiber optic (1000Mbit/s) connections from the worlds leading telecommunication companies. Multiple GigE connections such as ours, satisfy the most bandwidth intensive needs. We also have public and private peering argreements with over 400 ISPs all over the world. We get our IP transit Savvis, Global Crossing, Mzima via multiple gigabit fiber uplinks to our core routers/switches. If all but 1 provider fails, there is no change to our network, as we can serve our full client base with one provider as we leave that much room on every connection. The core switches are connected to two seperate distribution switches (2 cisco 2948G-L3’s). From the distribution switches, we connect to an edge switch (Cisco 3500 series). Each server cabinet is pre-wired and connected to our main distribution cabinet so it is plug and play. Each cabinet has its own switch, we prefer a layer 2 switch in each cabinet. All of our servers are hooked up to APC remote reboot ports in the event that they lockup for any reason.

As for keeping your data secure, we take no shortcuts. Data is backed up nightly onto a separate hard drive. We have 24/7 access to our private facility via keycard access. You cannot get into the elevator of the building without passing security. The elevator is key card activated too, so if your card isn’t scanned, you can’t go anywhere. Of course our servers are housed in a fully protected cage.

People count too. This awesome equipment and bandwidth capacity is in the hands of a 24/7 server administration team. Our servers are managed ‘hands on’ by qualified technicians.

As you can deduce, our setup is not padded by promotional hype. Our facilities are real, they represent a major financial investment and they aim to provide you – and us – with the type of service you would expect from a high-end provider. If your main concern is performance, not cutting corners, we are confident our servers and our datacenter are right for your hosting needs.

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