August 19 Photos Slatertown Speedway

On August 19 we paid a visit to a top secret facility buried deep in the northern woods of Middle of Nowhere. While we are not at liberty to disclose the location, we can tell you that the name of this hidden center of fun, mayhem, and redneck good times is Slatertown Speedway.

It is a rare occasion indeed, when so much fun and revelry can be part of a ‘working’ evening, but such was certainly the case on this night. Many of the stars, real and self-imagined, of the western PA racing scene were on hand for the festivities, lending an air of the surreal to the proceedings.

Truly, words can not fully convey the fun and enjoyment of the evening, but to catch a small glimpse of Slatertown Speedway, check out the August 19 Gallery.

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